Christmas: Ten Worst Albums of All Time

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Santa is a fat, hairy, white guy with kids on his lap.

That's not what Christmas is about. Still, malls across America are grimy with the manic footprints of wild hordes of shoppers clawing for the perfect deal.

This is their music. And these are the ten worst Christmas albums of all time.

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10. Mariah Carey - Merry Christmas II You
Keep it real, nobody is buying this album because they expect it to have great music inside. They buy it because looking at the album cover with just a little mental airbrushing she's ass naked doing reverse cowgirl and smiling while she wishes for a pearl necklace for Xmas.


9. Daniel O'Donnell - O' Holy Night
We've never heard of this douche nozzle before but apparently in England he's a big deal. Normally we wouldn't give a shit about his lousy annual holiday album or how many millions of them he's sold, but today we noticed he has a deal with Demon Music Group. That's not a joke or a lie. This one robotic looking Christmas creep has an actual deal with the devil.

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