Life in Color Festival: A Brilliant Blast Off in Miami

Photo by George Martinez
Check out Crossfade's full 115-photo slideshow from Life in Color Festival 2013.

Every end has a beginning, and every beginning has an end.

That's the kind of cheesy statement you'd expect to find on a bumper sticker or written in the pages of some flowery Chicken Soup bullshit. But it's also the truth.

With its first-ever full-fledged festival, Life in Color underwent a paradigm shift this weekend. And after experiencing a paint blast in a crowd of thousands under the night sky (even if it was pretty much drizzling rain all night), we can't ever go back to those 1000-person paint parties of the past.

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Photo by George Martinez
Check out Crossfade's full 115-photo slideshow from Life in Color Festival 2013.

Throwing a debut festival can be a daunting task, even for a crew as seasoned as Life in Color.

We've seen a lot of first-timers fall flat. But in this case, the production and presentation was on point. And LIC transformed the Sun Life Stadium parking lot into a dance music mecca.

Two main stages flashed big and bright on either side of the grounds. Snuggled between them stood a smaller local stage, which maintained a decent crowd throughout the night. There was even a smaller locals tent, which admittedly struggled a bit more with all the competition.

Hopefully, next time, the local kids will get a bit more love from the crowd. Maybe they just need more blinky things.

Photo by George Martinez

By far, the best of the blinky things was the Ferris wheel, which gave party people patient enough to wait in line the best view of the LIC landscape.

The zip-line was almost as cool, shooting you high across the gravel lot straight at the brilliant lights of the main stage. We'd love to see more carnival rides in the future. Or maybe weird carnival games with paint.

Walking from stage to stage, we realized that LIC has been destined for this kind of festival setting. Everything was amplified by the open air. The crowds were easier to navigate, the paint was more entertaining, and there was plenty of space to catch some air and take a break. Even a little rain (alright, sometimes a lot of rain) couldn't kill the vibe. It also helps that LIC brings in a lot of young, energetic faces. And once you're covered in paint, who cares about rain and mud anyway?

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Sun Life Stadium

2269 NW 199th St., Miami Gardens, FL

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Leonel Perez
Leonel Perez

that girl in the bottom right doesnt look like shes havin fun

jdomar topcommenter

looks awful. beyond awful.

Australia Rodriguez
Australia Rodriguez

It looks like theyre being attacked. Wtf. That doesnt look like a good time. Eww.

Michael del Vice
Michael del Vice

What's the stats? Numbers should be as transparent as a public school kid's backpack. How many arrests? DUI's? Overdoses?

Ed Ochoa
Ed Ochoa

the girl on the bottom right looks sooo happy

Ed Ochoa
Ed Ochoa

Lets pay say $50 to go to a concert and listen and watch as a dj plays music from his laptop while getting sprayed on with colored paint. NOT!

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