Life in Color Festival on "Growing From the Bottom Up"

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In Life's Little Instruction Book, H. Jackson Brown Jr. famously wrote: "An overnight success takes about 15 years."

If that's the case, Life in Color is way ahead of schedule.

Over the course of just seven years, this crew of Miami-based paint party professionals has fought, struggled, and lost a lot of sleep. But the rewards have been great. So far, founders Paul Campbell, Sebastian Solano, Lukasz Tracz, and Patryk Tracz have brought EDM to the collegiate masses, earned the backing of a powerful millionaire, and took their show to four continents.

Now the LIC guys are celebrating the only way they know how, by pushing even further and giving their hometown the first-ever Life in Color Festival.

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The plan: Invade Sun Life Stadium on Friday, December 27, and rage with Calvin Harris, Steve Aoki, Major Lazer, Excision, 2 Chainz, and ten others. There will be carnival rides, a zipline, dancing robots, flashing lights, and of course, "shit-tons of paint."

But it wasn't always fun and games. Actually, it's been a grueling climb.

"We're the biggest EDM tour going on and have been for a while," says Campbell. "It was hard the way we did it, because we've done it from the grassroots."

He started the company, then called Dayglow, with Solano and the Tracz brothers in 2007, while attending Florida State University. They had noticed a growing yet unorganized trend of paint parties hosted by frats and sororities, and they decided to take the idea to Miami. It was a hit. And soon, they were putting on Dayglow events in cities across the state.

Back then, though, dance music was not "the rage."

"In the beginning, we couldn't play EDM the whole time," Campbell recalls. But the crew pressed on and found that paint helped open people up to new sounds and experiences. "It really gives you a lot of excuses to let loose. Everybody is a blank canvas."

More and more kids told friends about "the greatest night of their lives," and Dayglow expanded.

"While we were growing, the scene was growing, and I think we're part of that," Campbell says. "It was definitely like, 'Now Indiana wants you, Kansas wants you, Kentucky wants you,' and we were just like, 'Alright, cool.' We went to all of them."

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Sun Life Stadium

2269 NW 199th St., Miami Gardens, FL

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