New Year's Eve 2014: Miami's 14 Best Parties

Photo by Anthony Verrilli

Only 13 parties? That's sooo last year.

With the passing of NYE after NYE, it becomes necessary, if you're just as addicted to bubbly and ball drops as Crossfade, to increase the number of hotel galas, megaclub blowouts, and downtown throwdowns on your personal end-of-year itinerary. It's called self-improvement, party people.

So in the spirit of always raging harder, here are Miami's 14 best New Year's Eve 2014 parties.

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Pharrell and Afrojack. Tuesday, December 31, 9 p.m., Fontainebleau Miami Beach, 4441 Collins Ave., Miami Beach; 305-538-2000; Tickets cost $275 and up plus fees via Midnight champagne toast, plus premium open bar from 9 p.m. to midnight. Ages 21 and up. Everybody digs wet 'n' wild poolside uhntz-uhntz. But on a night like NYE at a swag party palace like the Fontainebleau with folks like Pharrell and Afrojack, there's no reason to rock "Happy New Year!" nipple pasties and a thong. Show some subtlety and class with a tuxedo t-shirt, clip-on bowtie, and bikini bottoms that actually cover your ass crack.


The Weeknd. Tuesday, December 31, 9 p.m., Delano Beach Club and FDR at Delano, 1685 Collins Ave., Miami Beach; 305-672-2000; Tickets cost $200 and up. Ages 21 and up. Admittedly, the Weeknd can be a pretty moody dude. But when he's feeling that vibe and he's got a bellyful of potion, homie perks up. So just order his favorite, "White Russian and some tongue tricks," at midnight. And he might even half-smile, blow a kazoo, and say, "Welcome to 2014, girl."

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Jose Arpajon
Jose Arpajon

@Miaminewtimes You have the audacity of stating Lil Wayne is going to be one of "Miami Best" NYE parties? How much CASH MONEY did it take for you to sell out our city and promote that thought???


$500 for what?  My girlfriends and I will be at The News Lounge in Miami (Morningside)... away from the insanity with no reward!!!

Patrick Garcia
Patrick Garcia

You forgot Kill Your Idol. Divino Niño and The Grey 8s are playing. Yall sleepin on everything.

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