Misfits in Miami: A 36-Photo Recap

Photo by Jacob Katel
Jerry Only is the Crimson Ghost.

On Saturday night, the Misfits horse-kicked all of the creep punks at Grand Central into a new dimension of brutality.

Oceans of blood washed over the flabbergasted audience until the red tides left them soaked in the afterbirth of a new American monster.

Then that horrible creature reared its ugly head and unleashed a devil's yell that will forever echo through the Concrete Hell of downtown Miami. And we here at Crossfade got the pictures.

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Shout out to Sniptease, who was working the floor of the club and helping girls be more naked in their clothes.

There was mad Fiends everywhere. About 80 percent of everybody there already had Misfits gear, and 90 percent bought more.

Askultura kicked off the night with the speed and fury of a people's revolution.

But instead of machine guns, they use music, and it sounds better than ever.

People were like, "Damn, this band kicks fuckin' ass."

Location Info


Grand Central

697 N. Miami Ave., Miami, FL

Category: Music

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robert.n.nielsen topcommenter

Hang it up Jerry you are too old to be punk rock

Bilge Rat
Bilge Rat

do they have a picture of Jerrys Comb over lol

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