Misfits' Jerry Only on Getting Arrested for Grave Robbing and Sharing Sid Vicious' Last Meal

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The Misfits are the blood and guts of punk rock. Founded in Lodi, New Jersey in 1977, the band has grown into a monster of iconic sounds and merchandise ripped from the burning reels of American horror.

Founding member Jerry Only, former Black Flag barker Dez Cadena, and Chupacabra from Murphy's Law form the band's longest-running lineup. They're on their way to kill Miami, and they still live everyday like it's Halloween.

We here at Crossfade caught up with Jerry Only to find out about junkies, death, and grave robbing.

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Crossfade: The Misfits have a Christmas album?
Jerry Only: Yeah, well, we been wanting to do this for a while. The beauty of Christmas music is that you're gonna hear it every year till you and your children die.

You're from New Jersey. Do you think you could kick Bruce Springsteen's ass?
Yeah, I would like to think that. Ahahaha. That's funny.

What was your first time playing down here?
Our first time in South Florida was Hallandale. We had gotten arrested the night before in New Orleans. The charge was grave robbing. We got bailed out of jail. We had a choice to either go to court or keep on with the tour and go play Hallandale. So we chose goin' to the beach.

How'd you catch the charge?
We had just played Tipitina's and we were with our friend Sky, who is about six-foot, eight-inches tall, and weighs 350 pounds. He used to kill people in Afghanistan for money. He used to have us do stuff like unload guns to see who was the fastest with a revolver and shit.

After the show, he was like, "Hey, there's a cemetery around the corner, let's go." It was all these old mausoleums above the ground. These little stone buildings where the bodies rot in a year. We pulled in around 3 or 4 in the morning in this bad section of town where there's a murder every night. Before you know it, the cemetery is surrounded by cop cars, and all I hear is "Hey, Dracula, get your fucking hands up on the wall!" We tried to run, but they flushed us out.

We weren't bein' destructive, just curious. But they weren't playin'. They locked us all up. They stole my German daggers. They took all our cameras and left our vehicles open like we'd been robbed by locals. We spent the night in jail and got the fuck out of town. MTV had just started, and the next day we got a call that we're on TV for grave robbing in New Orleans.

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if you wanna be technical jerry "lonley" wasn't even an original member the first actual line up was Glenn, Diane Dipiazza (bass), Jimmy Battle (guitar) and Manny Martinez (drums). danzig DIDN'T want to be on mtv, were as only wanted to up marketing by pushing dumba** dolls and a plethora of stupid items with the crimson ghost on it. i have no respect for jerry only, especially after kryst the conqueror (smh at christian metal band). but recently he tried to lock danzig out of all the money he was getting by putting the crimson ghost on everything he could get his pathetic little hands on. he also told distributors and certain consumer chains that while the misfits merch was being sold, none of danzig's items could be sold (samhain stuff included) as this would be a breach of some make shift legal document.


@MollerGlen Danzig whores himself and everything he's ever been a part of out for cash. 

Danzig uses the Misfits' music on cheap rum commercials and sells his own songs to cunt faces like Seth McFarlan to use on the Cleveland Show to have a black baby sing. 

Danzig is an asshole who left the Misfits to be on MTV. 

Jerry Only and Danzig were the founding members, Doyle was made a member later on, he is far from a founder. 

Jerry Only was and is the Misfits.


sorry but you can't talk about the Misfits without Glen Danzig, it was him who in 1977 founded the Misfits along with Jerry Only and his brother Doyle, realising the first EP's, so please fix this


@Moller Doyle was not a founding member. The Misfits had a few guitarists before Doyle joined the band, including Bobby Steele of The Undead

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