Moov Festival 2014: "Reggae, Electronic, Latin! There's Something for Everyone"

Moov it like David Puentez.

Happy New Year, Miami!

Now get your ass up and Moov to the beats of the Wailers, Revolvr, DJ Irie, Avenida Zero, and David Puentez.

We're talking about the Moov Festival, the first New Year's Day music fest in the 305, bringing local faves and international acts to Bayfront Park.

"It's something to start the year off in a positive way," says Lance Joubert, the mastermind behind Moov. "We wanted to provide Miami with a multi-genre music festival to cover reggae, Latin, electronic, and rock."

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There will be three stages of music: the Pink Stage, with enough uhntz-uhntz to make you wanna fist-pump all day; the Blue Stage, featuring chilled-out reggae, Latin, and rock vibes; and the Green Stage, starring fresh, up-and-coming talent.

"If you like reggae, there's reggae. If you like Latin, there's Latin. If you like electronic, there's electronic. There's something for everybody," Joubert says.

From the fusion of genres representative of the people who live in the Magic City to the Art Deco-inflected neon pink and blue logo, everything about Moov is inspired by Miami.

"We [wanted to define] what our product was and used the environment that we live in to adequately represent and accentuate Miami," the festival founder explains.

"We wanted something that was progressive and represented movement in music and in lifestyle, and we feel that Moov is a great word. It's like a movement. [Our logo] is two little eyes looking at people as well, and when you're doing something different, you're moving."

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Bayfront Park

301 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL

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