Miami's Niko Javan Can't Stop Hustlin': "I Been Had Passion"


"I enjoy a little of everything."

Usually that kind of statement can be interpreted to mean, "I'm self-indulgent and lazy." But for Niko Javan, that isn't true. He's not only a producer, DJ, video director, and musician. His resume boasts impressive accomplishments all across the creative spectrum. So you just have to call him what he is -- an artist.

"It's a blessing and a curse, but I'm all over the place."

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For the last few years, Niko's been grinding with manic rhymer L.Rey as O'Grime. And six months ago, Miami's jack-of-all-trades dropped Erbody Yoppin, a ten-song EP on Diplo's Mad Decent label, featuring heavy trap influences and tons of features from his rappin' homies.

He has also taught himself how to make music videos. And in about a year's time, he's finished a few of his own, and he's deep into production on a new clip for Miami's Sluggers, whose Phantom Fade EP was just released on Skrillex's OWSLA imprint.

In September, Niko played the inaugural TomorrowWorld festival's trap stage, an experience that he calls "the coolest thing I've ever done." And now he's headlining the Base at Space trap party on Saturday, December 21. All this success, he says, is just a product of appetite and hustle.

"I been had passion," Javan insists. And his creativity was encouraged at a young age when he attended magnet programs at Norland Middle School and Design Architecture Senior High. Back then, his passion was painting, and the experience was invaluable.

"That's where I got my habit of being able to sit down and work on one piece for dozens and dozens of hours," he recalls.

These days, all grown, Javan spends most of his time indoors, hustling away the hours on the computer, getting lost in busy and colorful worlds of his own creation.

"It's physically the exact same thing," he says, comparing music to video work. "Most of the projects require me to be sitting in the same position, just clicking and moving a mouse, just tapping on a magical metal box. That's how I see it, really. Inside my head, it's a little different, but it's the same kind rhythm."

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