Purdy Lounge Turns 13! Ten Classic Moments at the South Beach Bar

Courtesy Purdy Lounge
Happy 13th Birthday, Purdy!

No attitude. No cover. No bullshit.

That's been the motto at Purdy Lounge since the day the bar first opened its doors 13 years ago.

Ever since, we've all come across the SoBe hotspot at one time or another, having started, ended, or ended up staying all night at 1811 Purdy Avenue.

While Purdy's owner Dan Binkiewicz agrees that "a lot of these stories are just laced with alcohol," here are the ten most memorable moments at the bar according to Binkiewicz himself.

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Courtesy Purdy Lounge
What a pleasant surprise.

Opening the Bar

"When we opened, we thought we were [gonna be] opening a quiet neighborhood jazz bar," Binkiewicz admits.

"Back then, all the clubs and bars had these door men that had strict policies and broken foreign accents," he recalls. "It was kinda douchey and we opened Purdy for everyone, [where] you wouldn't get judged at the door or pay at all at the door."

"We didn't think we were gonna be having long lines. We had no clue," he says with excitement in his voice. "Two months into it, people started asking for music. I was like, 'Hold on a second,'" he laughs.

"When I made it to seven years, I was like, 'Holy shit!' It's definitely been a pleasant surprise."

Courtesy Purdy Lounge
Looks like love is somewhere in the air at Purdy.

Love at Purdy

"I can't tell you how many people have called us to tell us that they met their wife or husband here, maybe around 25 [couples]," says Binkiewicz.

"They call and are just like, 'We wanna let you know we met our wife [at Purdy] and wanna celebrate our anniversary there'."

"I don't know, there's just something about it."

Must be the purple walls ... Or maybe just all that sex that goes down in the bathroom.

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Purdy Lounge

1811 Purdy Ave., Miami Beach, FL

Category: Music

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Gonzalo del Barrio
Gonzalo del Barrio

I remember when i would go n there was a pool table in the middle of the place n never no lines, now this shit is ridiculously over populated due to its affordability (free) n good tunes catching on

Richard Velasco
Richard Velasco

The dirty purdy..... You can swipe your hand across a table and your hand will turn white ;p

Alex De La Rosa
Alex De La Rosa

Thanks for introducing me to this spot Cojon! Michael Jochananov

Clarence Bolanos
Clarence Bolanos

Hobert Whitworth.... I think we need to make a comeback for o'l skool sake....

Deyson Rodriguez
Deyson Rodriguez

Dan Binkiewicz Hahahaha. You talking about sex in the bathrooms at Purdy is the best!

Hugh Perry
Hugh Perry

Jake Jackson we were there last night

Liz Turcotte
Liz Turcotte

Love this! Congrats to the Purdy Fam Neil Lewis Aron Epstein :)

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