Rappers Delight on Record Label and Legal Battles: "We're Not Sugarhill Gang!"

Hip-hoppin' on television.

Hip-hop will never die. And neither will "Rappers Delight," the song made famous in part by rap pioneers Wonder Mike and Master Gee.

As 2014 descends on Miami, The Stage will feature that pair, and their homie HenDogg, performing as Rappers Delight, alongside Suenalo, for a concert and party to bring in the New Year.

We here at Crossfade caught up with Wonder Mike, Master Gee, and HenDogg via conference call to find out what they think about Kanye West, Bob Sinclar, and the current state of hip-hop.

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Crossfade: You guys had the first rap Top 40 hit, what do you think of the current state of hip-hop?
Henndogg: The current state of hip-hip is evolving like everything else. It came from being nothing to being world culture. Everything has hip-hop: the clothes, the cars, the headphones. It's everywhere. It's alive and well.

Wonder Mike: It's one of the pillars in the pantheon of music. You can hear the anchor on your TV news say "24-7." It's not tongue in cheek or mocking. They took that and made it part of the lexicon of the world.

Master Gee: I agree with what they say. The evolution has come from us to now, with the good, the bad, and the ugly.

What do you think of Kanye?
HenDogg: He's a genius, man. He could probably carry himself a little more carefully about how he say things, but once you get through the rhetoric he has a great point.

Wonder Mike: He's got that armada of cameras and mics in his face and he's forced to respond. He uses it. As a gigantic solo artist, there are no other members for him to bounce things off of and cut the spotlight and make it easier. He's a heavy hitter and he uses situations to get a response. It works both ways on both sides of the lens.

Master Gee: It's a matter of overload. It can be overloading, dealing with nine million reporters and cameras and people and pictures. I would have overloaded a long time ago.

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