Tiesto Promises "The Ultimate Tiesto Set" for New Year's Eve at LIV Miami


Of all the DJs who've headlined Ultra Music Festival, Tiësto is the unofficial godfather. (Short of having his own mega-tent like Carl Cox, of course.) And he's presided over the jubilee since the early days. In fact, Miami is kind of his town.

He may be a Dutchman, but he's even kept a crash pad in our city. And we know for a fact that the biggest name in Dutch house can't wait to celebrate New Year's Eve on South Beach. He's got a special evening planned for LIV, and though tickets may be expensive, he's promising to put on "the ultimate Tiësto set."

And if he sticks to his 2014 resolutions, his new album will be dropping in the coming months too.

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Crossfade: What are your New Year's resolutions?
Tiësto: To finish my album!

Some months ago, you posted on Facebook, teasing fans that if the post had enough likes, you'd make another trance album. Any news on that?
I think I was just having a little fun there. I really enjoy social media and connecting with the fans, so it was a playful thing. I'm incorporating trance into my sets as it's part of what I'm all about historically, but my focus musically is my new artist album that's coming in 2014. Pete Tong already premiered the first single, "Red Lights," and that's a first taste of what's to come!

I grew up in South Florida, and when I was in high school ten years ago, I was going to Ultra and you were already headlining every year. Do you feel a sense of personal pride watching the festival grow from a one-day to a three-day and even a two-weekend fest?
One-hundred percent, absolutely. I feel this way about dance music in general, though. I've been coming to the U.S.A. for so many years, and to see how things have grown is remarkable.

All-time favorite Ultra memory ... Go!
Looking back, I'd say it would have to be 2012. I always had a really strong connection with Miami, but that year, I was also celebrating the release of my mix album Club Life: Volume Two, Miami. So I was really in a Miami state of mind well before Ultra, and the set was quite memorable. Actually, the whole time I had in Miami was one of the best ever.

You often position yourself as a mentor on the scene. Can you put into words the special something that makes a newcomer jump out at you from the crowd? How do you find them?
It's no secret that I love working with other artists. There's such energy when you click with another artist in the studio. I've been fortunate to be doing this successfully for quite a long time, and it makes me happy to work with the next generation of talent. I always looked at my career as one that continuously evolves, so while the artists are learning from me, I also learn from them. It's hard to say what makes one artist stand out from another. It's just a feeling I have, and the connection made while communicating. It's something I feel.

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And stfu with you don't control your prices if you don't have control of your show than what kind of artist are u ill tell you. your a sell out doing it for the money. You have the choice to go thru whatever promoter you like you just chose to play at club liv a Bottle service club you know what you and your team is doing don't blame the promoters


Bassnectar will be way better

Matt Bourie
Matt Bourie

the ultimate tiesto set would be him not playing

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