Wanito on Big Night in Little Haiti and Why "Real Music Is About Real Life"

Courtesy of Wanito Management

Life has been a wild ride for Wanito.

One day, he's just another talented musician in Jérémie, Haiti. And the next day, he wins a talent show to record an album for Peace Tones, a global music initiative funded by Kickstarter.

Now he's touring the world, closing in on 100,000 Facebook likes, and winning new fans daily. South Floridians will get to see him play for free at tomorrow evening's Big Night in Little Haiti. Here's what Wanito had to say about life, his music, and how to speak Kreyol.

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Crossfade: What is twoubadou music and how does it influence you?
Wanito: Greetings to all! Twoubadou is a style of music developed in Haiti, kind of like Konpa music. I'm not influenced by Twoubadou music, but I do love and respect it. My style of music is soul, acoustic, reggae, hip-hop wrapped into Haitian roots

Where did you get your first guitar?
My first guitar was given to me by my mother. She purchased it in Haiti

How did you learn to play it?
I'm left-handed learning. So it was very challenging for me. I turned the guitar around and played it upside down. I am self taught. I coached myself with a couple of music books and my older brother played, so I watched him a lot too.

Who were some of your favorite artists growing up?
I admire all the artists that came before me for paving the way. To name a few, I would have to say Freedom Christopher Laroche, Bob Marley, R. Kelly, Akon, Wyclef to name a few.

What subjects do you enjoy writing and singing about?
I enjoy writing about real life experiences. I'm very truthful in my music, so all types of people can identify. Real music is about real life, and that's what i enjoy sharing. If i can change the life of just one person, I did my job.

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Little Haiti Cultural Center

212-260 NE 59th Terrace, Miami, FL

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