Five Bros You Meet at Beer Pong

Photo by Laurie Charles
Don't even think about getting in this guy's way when he's about to shoot.

Before we could afford to drink Lion Stout from Sri Lanka and craft beers at the Democratic Republic of Beer, we, like most college kids, would spend our Saturday nights talking shit and playing beer pong till we got piss drunk. And from the looks of this past weekend, not much has changed.

Red solo cups, white ping pong balls, and former frat(?) boys surrounded the outside bar of the DRB. It was Round One of the Beer Pong Championship Series, and unlike the collegiate, just-make-your-balls-in-the-cup version of beer pong we're used to playing, the rules at the DRB were a bit more structured.

But that didn't stop these guys from running into their past and reliving their glory days as beer pong masters.

Here are the five bros you meet while playing beer pong.

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Photo by Laurie Charles

The Guy Who Just Plays for Fun

Crossfade: What's your beer pong alter ego?

Jose Gonzalez: I'm one of those guys who just plays for fun. Just to have a good time, you know?

What's your best beer pong tip?

Jose: I don't think I have any. I'd say it's pure luck!

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Democratic Republic of Beer

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