Nicky Bowe on Bike Night at Churchill's Pub: "You're Either a Biker or You're Not"

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Nicky burning out a tire for International Noise Conference.

All across Miami, the roar of motorcycle engines is a signal that it's time to ride. And the destination: Churchill's Pub, where the drinks are cheap, the bands are loud, and the air smells like burning oil.

Every Thursday night, the real bikers ride up to hang out, talk shop, and trade parts. There's always live music, and you can't beat the price.

As host and barman Nicky Bowe says: "If you're scared to ride to Churchill's on bike night, you may as well sell your bike. You're a poser."

And like any good biker, he knows at least five ways to tell the real from the fake.

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5. "If you can buy a whole motorcycle for the price of your boots and jeans, you're not a real biker."

4. "If it's lightly drizzling rain and you stay home, you're not a real biker."

3. "If you don't have dirt and oil under your fingernails from working on your bike, you're not a real biker."

2. "If you haven't rode Miami to Daytona, or if you have to get a hotel instead of sleep on the ground in a tent when you get there, you're not a real biker."

1. "If you don't love the smell of nasty, loud, two-stroke oil, you're not a real biker."

But whether you're a real biker or not, Nicky wants you to know that everyone is welcome at Churchill's all the time. And "if it has an engine, it's a motorcycle."

He has been throwing car and bike shows at the Little Haiti institution for the past decade, and he works on his bikes with friends out of a Liberty City shop called the Donkey Barn.

The weekly Bike Night came together, though, when a crew called Metal305 approached him about setting it up. "They started out at [Wynwood bars] Lester's and Wood. Then they came and asked to do it at Churchill's. Sometimes, it's 20 bikes, sometimes it's 100," says Nicky, "but it's always a good time."

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