Cro-Mags Run Amok at Churchill's Pub

Photo by Kris Alan Carter

At present, South Florida's hardcore scene is strong. And that really should not be taken for granted.

We have benevolent promoters who continue to toil away, convincing bands to make the journey down the length of a seemingly endless state to perform in Dade, Broward, or Palm Beach. The area is also rich with great local crews that frequently outshine the acts they support on touring packages.

There is an unprecedented lack of unnecessary violence at shows these days, and South Florida boasts fans who can, for the most part, be relied upon to show up to the gigs so our promoters and clubs don't lose their shirts.

It's when a community like this is at its healthiest that shows become special again. And for most fans of hardcore, a set by legends of Cro-Mags' caliber has more in common with a major religious holiday than a hardcore show.

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Photo by Kris Alan Carter

This past Friday night saw South Florida's last true bastion of punk rock, Churchill's Pub, fill with an exuberant crowd of fans that lined the venue's stage to share the mic and seek the truth with the NYHC pioneers.

The show was opened by local bands that spanned generations of South Florida hardcore including Kickturn, Nunhex, On Our Own, and Trust No One. Each band managed to ratchet up the energy, little by little, building enormous anticipation for the entrance of Cro-Mags.

When John Joseph and crew finally crashed the Churchill's stage, the band was ushered in by a most triumphant soundtrack of orchestral music (no doubt nipped from a film we could not identify), and the energy that had built throughout the night was unleashed in a dramatic scene of flailing limbs, screaming men and women, and Cro-Mags run amok.

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Churchill's Pub

5501 NE 2nd Ave., Miami, FL

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