Deep Dish Reunion? Mysterious "Countdown to Miami" Indicates Ultra Music Festival 2014

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Are Dubfire and Sharam finally getting back together?

On hiatus since 2006, this house music duo, famously known as Deep Dish, have been independently pursuing solo careers for the last eight years.

Today, though, a website at began a mysterious "countdown to Miami."

UPDATE Deep Dish's Dubfire and Sharam have confirmed their reunion, as well as a new single, "Quincy." But they won't be playing Ultra 2014. Instead, the pair are throwing their own WMC/MMW Show in Miami.

The countdown clock animation currently scrolling across Deep Dish's official site.

We here at Crossfade have corresponded via email with Dubfire and Sharam's team, trying to dig up further details.

But so far, the only official response: "I'm sure you can imagine something great's about to happen as they've not worked together in quite some time."

The Deep Dish site offers a key clue, though, in the form of the countdown clock, which was set to just short of 618,000 seconds.

That means the clock will expire in approximately 71 days on March 28. And that's the first day of Ultra Music Festival 2014.

So ... Maybe?

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Katie Presley
Katie Presley

Jeannie Joysmith & Peter Michael Hoogerwoerd :)

Luis Luis
Luis Luis

OMG omg omg I can not wait for this!!

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