Dom Kennedy on the Rap Game: "When Things Ain't Working, You Got to Try New Things"

Dom Kennedy can't sell his Get Home Safely LP exclusively at Best Buy without a major label backing him ...

If you buy that one, then I would like to discuss an igloo property investment opportunity in Nevada that is sure to be prosperous. It comes with its own polar bear.

Of course, the former statement isn't that far off the mark, considering an independent artist's project being sold at a big-box chain without major distribution backing was unprecedented.

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But Kennedy, the Los Angeles Dodgers hat-wearing 29-year-old born Dominic Hunn, pulled it off, getting his album on Best Buy's shelves and selling 10,000 copies of Get Home Safely in its first week.

Recently, while on the road for a nationwide tour, Dom took some time out to chat with Crossfade before his February 7 performance at Avenue D.

He outlined the "new rules" of 2013. He relayed the greatest lesson that he's learned since having a son. And, of course, he asked his own question.

Crossfade: How often do you take time to drive around just because?
Dom Kennedy: I try to as much as possible. I don't get to as much anymore. But a couple times a week at least.

Is it to clear your head? Or for inspirational purposes?
Both. More than that, it might be a destination. I might drive by someplace, and so that reminds me of something or I see something is still here or somebody's house.

What's the greatest memory you have of Crenshaw?
The most memorable thing about Crenshaw is that it ain't nothing really nothing to remember at all. It's just a street. The repetitiveness is the love.

I talk about it because the rainy days or the day after, you know? The five days out the week are on the same street, coming from the same school.

It's nothing that special. But at the same time, that's what's special about it, the repetitiveness, the home feeling of it, of doing the same thing all the time.

Last year seemed to have been the year of "new rules" with how albums were released such as Jay Z's Magna Carta, Holy Grail, Nipsey Hussle's $100 Crenshaw mixtape, Beyoncé's latest album, and your Get Home Safely. What would you attribute that to?
I would attribute that to people realizing they've got the means to do everything. To do not everything, but to get their product out in the way they see fit, however they see fit, however many for however much. It's like any store or any company or any brand would do it. Like Pepsi sales ain't like Coca-Cola sales.

Nothing is standard. At times, when things ain't working, you got to try new things. The smart people, they come with new ways, new ideas, or they figure it out. And the people that don't, they just get left.

What's the best time you've had with other people's money?
Going on tour, I guess, what I'm about to do. That's probably the best it can get for an artist.

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