Lube Sour and Five Other Drinks for Drag Queens

Photo by Laurie Charles
The femme fatales of Speed Drag.

Don't be a drag, just be a queen ... Or a male bartender dressed up as Miss Magnolia Thunderpussy, Ivanna Shaker, Roxy Rodriguez, and the rest of the fierce bitches at Blackbird Ordinary's Speed Drag.

Male bartenders from the Broken Shaker, Haven, and other local watering holes unleashed their inner drag to raise funds for breast cancer awareness in support of Speed Rack, the all-female bartending competition, going down today at 5 p.m. at Avenue D Jazz & Blues Lounge.

"We wanted to create a platform for women in the cocktail industry," explained Ivy Mix of Speed Rack. "We also wanted to do something for the boobies and figured it would be a great party."

Speed Rack may be a liquor-fueled bash for badass females, but no one knows how to party more than the queens of Speed Drag.

And as Donna Summer's "Hot Stuff" blasted from the backyard patio, the divas at Blackbird got rowdy and shared their favorite drink recipes for fabulous femme fatales.

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Photo by Laurie Charles


Midnight Dickens (Mike Parish of Diageo Bar and president of the United States Bartenders Guild) was walking around in a bright pink tutu, fishnet stalkings, and leather whip.

"I'm Midnight Dickens, that's my first pet name and the name of the street I grew up in," she said with a tone of sass in her voice.

"My drink would be called Bitches!" she shrieked. "Because bitches love seasonal fruit and are sweet and amazing, like my drink."

Photo by Laurie Charles

Miss Magnolia Thunderpussy

"I would mix a half-ounce raspberry liqueur, half-ounce Mandarine Napoleon, half-ounce passion fruit, 3/4-ounce lemon juice and simple syrup," described Miss Magnolia Thunderpussy (AKA Isaac Grillo of Haven).

"It would be called Miss Magnolia Thunderpussy 'cause it's sweet and sour and sexy," she added.

Naming a drink after yourself? You're such a diva, Thunderpussy!

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