Fetish Factory Valentine's Ball at Grand Central Miami: "You Can't Escape the Kink"

Photo by Peter Anthony

Ever been struck by kinky Cupid's arrow?

If you're like Fetish Factory's Danny Martinez, then the answer is yes.

"I met my fiancée, who happens to be one of the lead dancers, at a Fetish Factory party and it was love at first sight," Martinez endearingly recalls.

"We're just the beginning. There are so many couples, not flaky couples that are just banging, couples that have been together for years," he says. "So many relationships have been built from this scene, and it goes back to the fact that there's such a sense of family and community."

Aside from healthy coupledom, though, the Fetish Factory Valentine's Ball, making its Miami return at Grand Central on February 8, is all about passion, kink, dungeons, and lots and lots of latex.

Photo by James Holmes

"What it is really, you have a club environment with a very strong erotic presence that revolves around kink and fetish, and it kind of manifests itself in a way that allows you to make your dreams come true, as far as who you wanna be, what you wanna do, how you wanna act."

While every Fetish Factory party invites you to fulfill your fantasies and partake in the fetish lifestyle, Martinez says the V-Day bash embraces the most powerful of emotions.

"This theme is really interesting because it brings out a lot of different feelings, but ultimately, Valentines feels like there's love for everybody."

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Grand Central

697 N. Miami Ave., Miami, FL

Category: Music

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Errol Portman

No, no I don't wanna go to a fetish party! You can't make me go! Don't even try! - Brer Errol

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