Uncle Luke Interviews Jay Z While Watching Lesbians Enjoy Oral Sex (NSFW Video)

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"Ooohhhiiiiiieee! On that note..."

That's how Uncle Luke opened his 1997 video interview with Jay Z.

Why? Because there were two lesbians enjoying oral sex, just inches away, sprawled out on a sofa beside the host, Luther "Captain Dick" Campbell, and his guest, Shawn "New York" Carter.

Sipping Hennessy and trying not to watch too intently, Luke and Jay do about ten seconds of Q&A before allowing things to devolve into a play-by-play of this "peep show shit."

Check the cut for the brief, bizarre, NSFW clip.

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kirkslade1 topcommenter

This paper tries everything to make Uncle Luke relevant. He's not.

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