Watch LeBron James Cover "Back That Azz Up" at Miami Heat Karaoke Party

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It's the kid, King James!

We here at Crossfade have occasionally shouted out LeBron's skills as a part-time rapper.

'Cause whether poppin' a million mollies like Trinidad or freestylin' over "Niggas in Paris," homie's flow has always been solidly adequate.

And now, with a cover of "Back That Azz Up" at Shane Battier's Battioke karaoke bash, the King has again proved his mic skills don't suck. (Also, props to 'Bron for doing the radio-unfriendly version and clearly enunciating "motherfucker," "pussy," etc.)

Check the cut for the vid.

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LMAO! LeBron is such a character! I guess he's been getting some pointers from Jay-Z (HOV). Who knew the best basketball player in the world was also a cover artist; I wonder what classic hip hop song he'll do next.

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