Pharrell and Afrojack's NYE 2014 Party at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach

Courtesy of Fontainebleau

Last year was a sequel of sorts to Pharrell Williams' deluxe coffee table book Places and Spaces I've Been, in that the influential producer-crooner made cameos in a number of 2013's most significant pop cultural moments, as if he were a music industry version of Woody Allen's Zelig.

His catalog has always been a mix of lawless bangers dappled with dirt and stardust (see Neptunes) and sex songs characterized by a put-on sensuality belying a freakier undercurrent (see his daring and underrated 2006 solo album In My Mind, which crossed polite come-ons with unfiltered id).

So it makes sense that perhaps his smoothest year, pop culture-wise, would be a song about exploring (questionably worded) boundaries with your lover on "Blurred Lines" and staying up all night to "Get Lucky."

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Courtesy of Fontainebleau
Afrojack behind the 'Bleau's decks.

Over the past year, Pharrell also provided the hook for 2 Chainz's masterful, dealing drugs in the NSA-wiretapping era track, "Feds Watching," and the insane country-club stomp of Miley Cyrus and Nelly's "4x4." (In fact, Miley was originally slated to co-headline the Fontainebleau party with Mr. Williams and Afrojack. But instead, she chose ABC's New Year's Rockin' Eve. Bad move, girl.)

Having Pharrell actually perform instead of being a background fixture or a mere "host" at the 'Bleau's end-of-year party was an inspired move on the hotel's part, since he rarely gets to occupy and command a stage all on his own.

Also, Pharrell's push-pull between refined soulfulness and freaky grit was a great match for a night like New Year's Eve when people are on their worst behavior (shout out to the Fontainebleau's NYE 2013 headliner, Drake) while simultaneously trying to set a clean slate for the coming 365 days.

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