The Weeknd Rings in 2014 With Tainted Love Songs at the Delano South Beach


There are only two ways to properly celebrate New Year's Eve. Snuggled up all cozy with the family. Or drinking with strangers on South Beach, wandering the streets, looking for the next open bar.

Of course, we here at Crossfade chose the beach and the booze. Especially when we heard that The Weeknd would be doing a special 2014 countdown performance at the Delano Hotel.

We popped champagne, we did the damn thing, and son provided a beautiful soundtrack.

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First of all, if you've never been to the Delano, you should make it a priority. The pool area is gorgeous, lined with tall palms and fresh, white cabanas for the party elite. It was all jazzed up with colored lights, and the wooded area that you walked past to get there was some kind of magical wonderland with a giant chess board and too many adorable tables.

Now, we aren't usually fancy types. But this was a superspecial end-of-year evening with The Weeknd on South Beach. So we went all out and made sure to have the NYE experience by ordering some rosé champagne.

And presumably feeling that magical vibe, our boy delivered a thrilling, albeit short, performance backed by his own three-piece band. His dreadlocked head bobbed onto the stage at 11:47 p.m., just before the year ended, working right into a lively "House of Balloons" that melted almost seamlessly into "The Morning."

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After taking a moment to introduce his band, composed of "the great Patrick" on guitar, as well as "the great Taylor" on bass and guitar who was "probably high as fuck," there was time for one more quick round of jams, pumping out "Remember Me" and "The Zone" before he noticed the time -- and the exploding fireworks from down the street.

"Oh shit!" he yelled, turning to the countdown screen beside him. "Ten, nine, eight..." And before we knew it, 2013 was behind us.

The leather-jacketed singer didn't look too festive in his all-black getup, but you could tell he was happy to be here, celebrating with us. He swung his body around the mic stand, telling us how much he loves us and the fine city of Miami.

"Happy New Year!" he exclaimed. "Everyone make some noise for 2014."

He teased us with some "Wicked Games," as lights flashed and smoke billowed in every direction. He turned into nothing but a strange silhouette. He almost broke our hearts when he said there was time for only one more before closing out the short and sweet set with "Wanderlust."

Then The Weeknd made his exit. He bid us all a final happy new year and left the stage at 12:15 a.m. No doubt the singer had his own partying to do, and most people headed down to the FDR Lounge just next door, where official Delano shenanigans would follow.

It was a good way to kick off what will hopefully be an equally exciting year. Everything is full of possibility right now. And with seductively tainted love songs like these, we're off to a great start.

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