Calle Ocho 2014: A Ten-Stage Music and Entertainment Guide

Do the "Limbo" with the King of Calle Ocho, Daddy Yankee.

Living the PLUR life, wearing kandi, and listening to that tiki-tiki music may be all the rage right now.

But there's one pachanga that cranks up más volumen que Ultra Music Festival, Winter Music Conference, and Miami Music Week combined. And it's called Calle Ocho.

Every year, two million cubanos, dominicanos, venezolanos, puertorriqueños, and all kinds of other 305ers flock to SW Eighth Street for America's largest block party to rep their homeland, make more noise than your Hialeah neighbors on Nochebuena, drink ice-cold Coronas, and get high off yerba mate.

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Maybe it's the alluring smell of lechón asado, the cheesy corn arepas that drip with grease at every bite, or the mamis of Calle Ocho in bikini tops emblazoned with their native land's flag that attract all those party people to Little Havana. But whatever it is, we know one thing's for sure: This fiesta is also about la música.

Since 1978, Latin music legends Desi Arnaz, Óscar D'Leon, Gloria Estefan, Willy Chirino, and of course, yo' chico Pitull have reigned as King (or Queen) of Calle Ocho. And this year, superstar Daddy Yankee will wear the crown.

With "El Jefe" as king, we predict muchas mujeres in tribal wear doing the "Limbo" onstage with the Puerto Rican papi. But the Kiwanis Club of Little Havana will also be honoring "La Reina de la Salsa," Celia Cruz, by unveiling a shiny silver sculpture in her honor.

So chug some cerveza and get ready for that salsa, merengue, reggaeton, bachata, y hip-hop at this year's celebración.

Univision 23/Univision Radio Stage. SW 27th Avenue (north). Calle Ocho is "Una Fiesta Pa' Los Rumberos." Not because it's the only time of year when all of los callejeros de Miami come out and party, but because the Grammy Award-winning rumbera herself, Albita, says so. Throw in some salsita from El Hijo de la Salsa Frankie Ruiz Jr., and you've got the recipe for tremendo baile y gozadera at the Univision 23/Univision Radio anchor stage.

Miami Herald/El Nuevo Herald Stage. At SW 24th Avenue (north). Like tomorrow's news, we don't really know what to expect from the Miami Herald/El Nuevo Herald stage. All we know is Miami's favorite Latin fusion band, ¡Suénalo!, will be there, leading la conga with some "Afro-Latin-babymakin'-descarga-funk."

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Calle Ocho

Corner of SW 8th St. and 10th Ave., Miami, FL

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Diana Cobas
Diana Cobas

Preparense John-Paul Piedra Mario Angulo Problem Kids :p


Laz on the Power 96 stage? I'm sure my grandmother would like that. Get over it NT!!!

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