Juleisy y Karla and Hialeah's Finest Get Ratchet Romantic for V-Day at Gramps (VIDEO)

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"Happy Valentine's Day from Hialeah's Finest!"

Over the weekend, we here at Crossfade celebrated the Western world's grand tradition of courtly love by handing our beloved a greeting card and chocolates, then splitting for some lap dances with drag queens, chubby chongas, and a perv puppet in Wynwood.

It was all part of a ratchet romantic evening at Gramps that'd been hyped as the "Pero But Like Whatever It's a Super Cute Variety Show Bro," starring Pepe Billete, Juleisy Y Karla, The Suarez, Otto Von Schirach IV, Ashley Somuchpower Bodie, and Ded Cooter.

As Tio Pepe might say: "A good focking time." Check the cut for a quick video recap.

See also: Pepe Billete on the Perfect Valentine's Date: "Croquetas, Pastelitos, Malta, y Un Lechaso"

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Jennifer Artist
Jennifer Artist

This show was the best VD ever, Bro!!!!! After the show was over & I was left w my 2 dates & the sadness of the reality of the show being over......... not so much. Thank u 4 the Super Cute Show!

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