Jucifer Rattles Bottles and Brains With Holly Hunt and Devalued at Churchill's Pub

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Churchill's Pub, Miami
Friday, February 21, 2014

Some bands wield volume artistically, turning sound waves into bludgeoning vehicles of expression and tapping into the very viscera of the audience through sheer force. Bands like Swans, Japan's Boris, and Miami's own Holly Hunt all use decibels to bolster the inherent aural and mental stimuli of their art.

Then, there's Jucifer, a duo so addicted to volume that the members spend most of their waking life either moving a literal wall of amplifiers in and out of clubs or testing the structural integrity of said clubs with its sludge-metal assault. The band took to Churchill's Pub last Friday night to rattle the bottles and crowd members' brains in what was an awesomely obnoxious display of volume.

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Photo by teajayphoto

With Jucifer's wall of amplifiers looming over the stage like a scale replica of Kowloon Walled City, the Miami heavy-music scene was once again given an opportunity to flex its muscles.

Things got underway with Cave of Swimmers (formerly The Tunnel) taking the pub's floor and shredding through a set of its synth-infused progressive doom. The duo tossed the crowd a Metallica cover early on, setting a positive vibe for the night before blowing through several of its own turbulent compositions, full of rumbling synth, searing guitars, and operatic vocals.

Next up was Sperm, a post-hardcore band from Buffalo, New York, and a late addition to the night's lineup. The three piece thumped and screamed in the style of the mid '90s, replete with bursts of intricate guitar riffage and an unrelenting fuzzy bass churn. The threesome was surprisingly well-received, especially considering that it was the odd-band-out on the bill.

Photo by teajayphoto

Following Sperm was the recently rebooted Devalued, Broward's answer to all of the intense grind and crust Miami has been putting out as of late. Devalued hit the floor to a swelling crowd and proceeded to absolutely level the room, thrashing out songs that displayed the band's newfound maturity and unbridled lust for sonic violence. With songs as structurally progressive as they were just plain filthy, Devalued's performance delivered the crowd from calm and collected to a swarm of frenzied moshers, and left us tending a serious bang-over and patiently awaiting the announcement of a new release.

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Churchill's Pub

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