Kryptonite Metal Festival 2014: "Two Bands Defected From Cuba Just to Play"

"Let the Blowtorch Sodomy begin!"

Blood will rain from the sky at Kryptonite Metal Festival VII.

And by blood, we mean beer. And by beer, we mean lots of it. Because when 1,900 heads bang, the Earth shakes. And if you're not careful, you might spill your drink.

Forty bands -- yeah, count 'em -- will play four different stages for a half-hour each, from 4 in the afternoon till 3 in the morning. As show promoter Oski Gonzalez says, "That's a long time. That's a lotta metal."

Here is what some of the other characters involved have to say about it.

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Upheaval returns!

Yader Moreno: Festival Co-Founder, Drummer for Upheaval, and Manager at Sam Ash Music Store
"There wasn't anything for metal heads in South Florida, so we started this festival. Now people look forward to it like Christmas. We definitely hold the metal flag high for all the styles. There's so many, like black metal, blackened metal, melodic, progressive, death core, math core, djent (that's the sound the guitar makes, very palm-muted), and those are just a few. We could make a whole country of people in bands. I wish I could do this every month. I take pride in it. It's hard work, but it brings people together. I always hear about people marrying someone they met at the fest. Horns up. Metal forever."

Kryptonite Metal Festival 2014 Lineup

-Blowtorch Sodomy
-And the Kingdom Fell
-1000 Pounds of Thrust
-Riot Agents
-Queen Dementia
-Rite to Bare Arms
-Toasted Marshmallow Zombies
-Unarmed for Victory
-City of Stages
-Modern Day Outlaw
-Deadman's Gambit
-They Might Be Zombies
-Chamber of Dreams
-Kill the Tyrant
-One Mind
-Lynch the Martyr
-Loyal Until Death
-Apocalyptic Assault
-State of Solitude
-Origin of Disease
-Crude Brood
-Lacerate Kingdom
-All Hail the Mustache
-Nation of Decay

Location Info


Tobacco Road - CLOSED

626 S. Miami Ave., Miami, FL

Category: Music

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