Lauryn Hill and Stephen, Damian, and Julian Marley at Nine Mile Music Festival 2014

Photo by George Martinez
Check out Crossfade's full 85-photo slideshow of Nine Mile 2014.

Nine Mile Music Festival
With Ms. Lauryn Hill, Stephen Marley, Damian Marley and others
Miami-Dade County Fairgrounds, Miami
Saturday, February 15, 2014

Better Than: Staying home, eating discounted Valentine's chocolates while listening to "One Love" over and over again.

After last year's Nine Mile Music Festival earned complaints for making a mess of Virginia Key Beach, this year's edition was held in a less ecologically sensitive site, the Miami-Dade County Fairgrounds.

If the home of the Dade County Youth Fair hasn't been harmed by the toxic oils used to deep fry oreos, than the ashes of smoked marijuana and remnants from conch salad should not harm the premises.

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Photo by George Martinez
Check out Crossfade's full 85-photo slideshow of Nine Mile 2014.

On Saturday, from noon to midnight, those grounds were packed with a peaceful and festive audience for the 21st annual Nine Mile Music Festival.

Commonly known for years as the Bob Marley fest, founded by the reggae legend's mother, Cedella Marley Booker, the yearly celebration has preserved its original spirit (in spite of the name and location change), helping the hungry by requiring attendees to bring a mandatory donation of canned goods. And of course, remembering Bob Marley, whose visage was everywhere, from t-shirts worn by audience members to towels and hats sold at merch booths. Most importantly, his music was omnipresent.

Photo by George Martinez

The Nine Mile 2014 co-headliners were three of his sons Stephen, Damian, and Julian Marley who did their father's name proud, even if their set barely touched forty minutes in length.

The three brothers bounced on the stage, rocking impressive dreadlocks, taking turns hollering and preaching to the crowd: Julian had his chance with "Boom Draw," Stephen and Damian gave us "We Are Soldiers."

Photo by George Martinez

The stage was filled with a backing band and singers in a constant state of motion in front of a screen projection of a lion's fearsome face. The crowd roared louder than any jungle animal when the Marley brothers performed versions of their father's songs, "The Heathen" and "Get Up Stand Up."

Though Stephen, Damian, and Julian's time on stage was cut short due to a firm 11 p.m. curfew, the most famous living Marley relation preceded them with a full, blistering set.

Photo by George Martinez

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Dade County Fairgrounds

10901 SW 24th St. Miami, Miami, FL

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I wish the venue had more grass for people to really relax on while watching the show. Lauryns set was way too long. She dragged each song on and on and she must not have done sound check because I was soooo distracted by her yelling at the whole band the whole time. Turn her earpiece up, turn this and that up and down the whoooooolllle set my god! anyway I still enjoyed myself. Loved everything else about it.

Angel Alvarado
Angel Alvarado

Sorry .. the was the weakest 9mile fest in 15years


@lovej_santos  If you have seen Lauryn live before you would know that she always speaks to her band while on stage. That's her mojo man, she controls her set. 

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