Super Bowl: Eight Epic Fails

What failure doesn't look like.

When you're up against Peyton Manning and the (no longer?) best offensive team in NFL history, the odds might seem slim when it comes to winning the Super Bowl. But not for the Seattle Seahawks.

With a final score of 43-8, not even Manning, with his all-time touchdown skills (55 end-zone passes this season alone), could rescue the Broncos from last night's bloodbath at MetLife Stadium in Jersey.

A chorus of abrupt cheers and screams filled the bar at Flanigan's Seafood Bar and Grill in Miami as the Seahawks scored TD after TD and the Broncos embarrassed their fans.

While Denver's team made history for possibly one of the greatest Super Bowl fails ever, the Broncos aren't the only losers in recent NFL history.

So here are eight epic Super Bowl fails, according to the sports freaks at Flanigan's.

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The Broncos Starting Off With a Safety
"The Broncos starting off the game with a safety? What the hell is that!" blurted Stephen Crowe. "That's great for the Seahawks but not for the Broncos."

A safety on your first offensive play? Not the best way to start the Super Bowl, Denver.

"The Broncos were disorganized. I mean, you come into halftime at zero? This game is a fail."

There you have it. Twelve seconds into the game, the Broncos managed to make their first epic flop.

Photo by Gabriel Argudo Jr. on Flckr via Wikimedia Commons CC

Hosting the Super Bowl in New Jersey
"The location of this year's game," Crowe added to his list of fails.

"Jersey is the Hialeah of the United States," interrupted Crowe's friend. "Why the hell would you have the game there?"

"People are paying thousands just to freeze their ass off. Why not have it in California or something?" he added.

He's got a point.

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