Toro y Moi: "Soon, No One Will Ask Me About Chillwave Anymore"

Photo by Andrew Paynter

Don't call Chaz Bundick's sound chillwave.

The California-based producer might have found his Toro y Moi project pigeonholed as such during its early Internet-based breakout phase, but anyone following his sonic evolution should know he has decidedly shed that dubious classification.

"I feel that my sound has changed so much that, soon, no one will ask me about chillwave anymore," he tells Crossfade.

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There's certainly nothing chill about Bundick's most recent album, 2013's critically acclaimed Anything in Return.

Sure, it has a few slow jams, but it's a groovy uptempo affair for the most part, imbued with '90s garage house flavors and bouncy beats you can practically dance to.

Sampling old records, of course, had a significant influence on the album's production aesthetic.

"It's fun to dig around and see what you find," says Bundick, a notorious crate digger. "I recently bought a portable turntable and it's really helped with wanting to listen to whatever looks interesting.

"Samples aren't essential though," he explains. "I like to start songs with a drum sample and let that set the mood for the rest of the song. It's nice to have a little kick-start. But I usually try not to have the song rely entirely on the sample."

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Butch Ponoroff
Butch Ponoroff

I have plans to be in Prague but will cancel if I win the tickets.

MarQuise Mickey
MarQuise Mickey

I don't use facebook. I had to remember my password just to leave a comment. I am aware the tickets are sold out. I would like to receive a free ticket. I feel I would be a rightful recipient. I truly care about music and I am passionate about self-expression. I've heard great things about Toro y Moi and I would like to pop my cherry next Tuesday. I am a local in the Miami community. My e-mail address is Thank you for your time in advance.

Alaina Walton
Alaina Walton

Please give me tickets!!!! So sad the show sold out!!!!!!! PLEASEEEE

Gabi Bielenik
Gabi Bielenik

PLS PLSPLSPLSPLS!!! i want to go SOOOOOOOO badly!!! I hope it's 2 tickets!!!

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