Bone Thugs' Flesh-n-Bone on Weed: "It Needs to Be Legalized ... It's a Real Deal Situation"


Mo' murder, mo' murder, come come again. It's the first of the month. Man, I miss my uncle Charles, y'all.

This weekend, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, one of the top-selling hip-hop groups of all time is coming to The Stage in Miami.

The group was discovered by Easy E via "Thuggish Ruggish Bone" and recorded the classic album E. 1999 Eternal. Twenty years later, Bone Thugs is still 'round and 'round.

Just the other day, we here at Crossfade spoke with Flesh-n-Bone. Here's what he had to say about sex, weed, and murder.

Crossfade: Hello?
Flesh-n-Bone: Hey, how's it goin'. I was actually rollin' when my manager called and told me about this interview, so Imma take a minute and just park somewhere.

Cool. Where you at right now?
Los Angeles. I'm out here in the valley. The Northern Valley

Yo, I saw that regular tickets to your Miami show are sold out already.
Dope! I'm lookin' forward to it, gettin' ready to come down and smash how we always do.

What's your history with South Florida?
Man, you know Florida always been a great, great market for Bone. I love Florida. I stayed there for a couple of months in 1998 for the second Mo Thugs album. We stayed right there off the water and it was real fly. I got real acquainted with Miami. We was in a mansion on a lake with jet skis. We worked out of several studios down there and spent time swimmin' in the ocean.

Oh, shit. Cool. So you guys recorded here? I never knew that.
We sure did. Mo Thugs' second record.

How did you start smoking weed?
I started smokin' weed as a youngster. But today, I treat it mostly as a medicinal aspect. I'm smoking purely medically. I don't smoke out of recreation or pleasure how most youngsters do. My job and career is very stressful and I smoke just to relax and cure that headache. And take the monkey off my back.

What do you think about legalization?
It needs to be legalized. I'm an advocate of the 420 movement, that it will one day be legalized. It's a real deal situation. Between the people and the dispensaries there are millions and maybe billions in taxes they can make.

Best weed album?
The best Bone Thugs album of all time might have been E. Eternal 1999. That might be the best of all time.

What's your songwriting process?
Basically, it's pretty much the same. The writing process for me and the rest of the guys is same now as then. Get in there and hope to bring that special vibe to work, and focus on the music at hand. Get in and concept the song, what harmonies, and piece the raps together. It's a nice little situation. It's easy for us.

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