The Nest Pop-Up Club Opens in Downtown Miami for WMC and MMW 2014

Forget Ultra Music Festival, we're gonna rage at The Nest.

While uhntz-uhntz junkies across the Magic City are all pumped up and ready to rock their kandi masks at the 282 parties going down during Miami Music Week, Massive Ideas' founder Anders Scherberger is hyped up for a different kind of bash: the grand opening of The Nest.

Popping up this Friday, Downtown Miami's latest club spotlights the 305's underground EDM and arts scene.

"We [Massive Ideas] do a lot of alternative electronic music, weirder stuff that doesn't really fit the normal category," explains Scherberger. "There isn't really a venue in Downtown [that caters to underground music] which is very important, especially during WMC, to be there."

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That's how the idea of The Nest was born.

"We're trying to hit the genres of music that are underrepresented during WMC where we gett overwhelmed with house heads."

Taking over where The Station once stood, The Nest carries a similar idea to that of New Times' pick for last year's best underground club.

"What we're doing is very different," clarifies Scherberger. "It's kind of like a pop-up. That's the concept. We're gonna show up for a little longer than a month, then close-up shop and maybe open somewhere in Wynwood during [Art] Basel."

Location Info


The Nest

62 NE 14th St., Miami, FL

Category: Music

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Dave Denis
Dave Denis

Sounds like the kind of club Stefon would recommend to a middle-aged couple from Wisconsin ~ "//"

Bilge Rat
Bilge Rat

The rest of us can pray for pipe bombs.

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