Paul Oakenfold on Trance: "It's Definitely Having a Resurgence in America"


Amid the manic hype of the so-called "EDM explosion," it is reassuring that DJs like Paul Oakenfold are still around.

As one of the founding fathers of trance, Oakenfold has proven to be a dance innovator for over 20 years, influencing the masses' conception of electronic music and contributing to the popular acceptance of the DJ as a legitimate artist.

In the run-up to Winter Music Conference and Miami Music Week, we here at Crossfade were lucky enough to speak with Oakenfold about his Miami visit, career highlights, and his Trance Mission.

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Crossfade: What are Paul Oakenfold and Perfecto Records' big plans for WMC and MMW?
Paul Oakenfold: We're doing a modern-day twist on some classic trance's tracks at Space. When it comes to my set, I've been focusing on reintroducing some of the classic tracks to the current generation, those who are not familiar with trance. And instead of playing the old versions, I've reworked them into a 2014 production sound. These are not remixes. These are covers. We are doing everything from scratch.

Space is one of the best clubs not just in Miami, but in America. We're doing a big powerful night, which we do every year in here. It gives us a chance to showcase new and up and coming talent from the electronic world. Alongside myself is ATB, who is his own right is a tremendous talent. The whole idea of the night is for people to hear new music from various different genres.

Any new talent we should be keeping our eye on?
There's loads. For example, there's this DJ, Danny Howard. He's from Blackpool in England. He's one of the brightest stars when it comes to DJing. He's got his own show on Radio 1 and a show on Sirius in America. And he's gonna be performing at our event in Miami. He's definitely someone to watch out for.

So do you think we're experiencing a second wave of trance?
Yes, it's definitely having a resurgence in America. Miami is a great city to see it happening. The Winter Music Conference you have over here is great for this. It's been there for many, many years. It's an important event on the calendar, it's the first event on the calendar. There's a lot of DJs who attend it. A lot of DJs who do their own parties, showcasing all their new music and the talent that's affiliated with it. It's going strong. I mean, it's probably the longest lasting music conference out there.

EDM in general seems to be bigger than ever at the moment in the States. Do you agree that America has been slower to catch on to trance?
I think because EDM in America has been very commercial, and America was introduced to it at a commercial level rather than the underground. I think now Americans are starting to dig a little deeper into the underground music.

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Tara Batista
Tara Batista

your set was awesome...was dancing in my car on the hour drive to work!

Jose Feliz
Jose Feliz

Sort of explains why "Oakey" is so irrelevant these days. Even guys like Van Dyk and Van Buuren don't play that shit

Jason Winburn
Jason Winburn

Homeboy needs to stop with the plastic surgery. He's a hot mess!

Ken Argüelles
Ken Argüelles

Please update headline: Outdated Dj tries to convince us outdated music is coming back.

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