Skrillex on Good Times, His Homies: "We Just F#@% With Each Other on a Creative Level"

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And the award for best new event at Winter Music Conference and Miami Music Week goes to... OWSLA's new Good Times, a two-day backyard bonanza smack dab in the middle of Wynwood, featuring once-in-a-lifetime collaborative sets from the most exciting names on the dance scene.

WMC and MMW is exciting because everyone is here. You never know who will show up, and Good Times captures that vibe. It'll be impossible to ever see these sets again, because they can happen only live.

We here at Crossfade caught up with OWSLA head honcho Skrillex to hear more about the inspiration behind the event, what fun things they've got planned, and which back-to-back sets he's most excited to see.

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Crossfade: How did the idea to start Good Times come about?
Skrillex: Miami is such a diverse culture, and I think Ultra and all the stuff on South Beach definitely offers a certain thing. But also, I think there's a whole other part of the scene besides South Beach. We wanted to do something outside of the typical Miami WMC week and do something a bit more laid-back, something that really focuses on up-and-coming guys as well. These are people that we're all friends with. We just like to fuck with each other on a creative level, and that's where all the back-to-back ideas came, having artists come together and play special sets. I just thought it'd be cool to do something different. Tickets are $30, and we just do it for the love and to do something different during the week. I don't think there's really something like that out there, for all the kids who can't afford to go to Ultra, or Story and LIV. All that stuff serves a certain purpose, but this is kind of its own thing.

It's in Wynwood, which is awesome. Were you a big part in picking the location?
Yeah, absolutely. I have a lot of friends in that area, graffiti artists and different collectives that we've actually worked on for some art for OWSLA and Skrillex. It's a really cool area, and obviously, it has that tie to Art Basel, but I feel like there's nothing major going on over there during that week. I'm not saying there's nothing, but this sort of lineup, you don't really see that during Miami Week in that area. We wanted to do this backyard style, where it felt like a party, and it's not really about production or anything else -- just the music. We have taco trucks and food trucks, that sort of thing.

Are you going to have some of your friends out for live painting?
Yeah, we're actually doing that. We're having live painters, our friends from the area who are coming together. There's a certain collective in general, INCUB8R, who we're really good friends with.

They did that sick Art Basel show a couple years ago
Yeah, exactly. Some of the local artists that we're really good friends with, or have worked with in the past, who are doing really cool stuff out there.

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Joe Campbell
Joe Campbell

Great interview :) I love when dj's actually think like a musician instead of a product... Skrillz sticking to his roots :)

Joe Campbell
Joe Campbell

Daniel Paul Rugga Washington Ginamarie Vitale

Ken Argüelles
Ken Argüelles

It's much easier for kids to steal $30-50 from their parents wallets than $400.

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