Travie McCoy on Rough Water, Marrying Bruno Mars, Boffing Adam Levine, Killing Jason Mraz


There is no doubt that you've jammed out in your car to Travie McCoy's tunes. What can we say? The man and his music are pretty goddamn catchy.

You know him one of two ways. Perhaps from his days with Gym Class Heroes or maybe from his solo career, which took off in 2010. Since then, he has topped the charts with songs like "Billionaire" and "Stereo Heart." But he also tells Crossfade, "No, the band hasn't broken up. We are just exploring other options. Those guys are my family."

So before Travie takes over the World Golf Championships-Cadillac Championship this Saturday at Trump National Doral Miami, we chatted with the South Florida resident about everything, from Miami to his future music.

He even agreed to play a casual game of Marry, Boff, or Kill.

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Crossfade: Travie McCoy, true or false: You are a resident of the Magic City?
Travie McCoy: Well, I am back and forth between Miami ... Well, Aventura, and New York.

Aventura! You're so classy.
[Laughs] Yeah, you know, South Beach is fun, but I've got to keep my distance. I don't want to get into too much trouble. So it's cool to have it at a safe distance.

What is it about Miami that you were like, "Yep, this is for me."
I really can't tell you. I went down probably seven years ago and I was working on a Gym Class Heroes record with a couple producers who were kind of well-known in Miami. I had only been to Miami a few times just for shows -- in and out. I never spent real time there, so I was kind of immersed. I was down there for, like, three weeks and there was just something about this place. And then I was like, "Forget it, I am making this happen." Here I am.

We don't question why you're here when there's an Arctic blizzard happening everywhere but Florida.
Yeah, for real. I grew up in Upstate New York my entire life, so it was like no question.

We're really excited for you to be performing at the Cadillac Championship, but you don't seem like much of a golfer. Do we have you wrong? Is Travie hitting the balls on his free time?
Here's the thing: My friends are super into golf, so growing up they'd drag me along. I was like, "Alright, I can deal with this as long as I get to drive the golf cart." I would tag along, just so I could rip the golf carts, you know what I mean? A couple of times I actually took the time to try to get into it, I'm just way too uncoordinated, way too coordinated. A lot of people don't know until they meet me in real life, but I'm six foot, five. So where it would probably give me an advantage, the ball is way too small. Yeah, I am way too far from that ball to make any magic happen.

I just try to stay as close to the bar car. That's where I really do well on the golf course.
I tell you what, I give super props to people who can actually control their shots. It's a really tough and intense sport and my hat is off to anyone who can actually focus.

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