Is Ultra F@#%ing Over Yet? There's a Website for That

A screenshot of the countdown at 7:18 p.m. on the last day of Ultra 2014.

Uhntz, uhntz, uhntz, uhntz, uhntz.

There are 50,000 people partying at Ultra Music Festival right now. And they hope it will never end.

But there are probably many, many, many times that number of Miami residents (especially the Biscayne condo dwellers) who are at least a little eager for the whole thing to stop making so much noise, clogging up downtown traffic, and littering the streets with DayGlo-colored trash.

Those people should bookmark

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Officially launched at approximately 4:53 p.m. this past Friday, the first day of Ultra, the single-function website asks the question that every non-raver is asking. But it's not out to #BoycottUltra or anything.

"It's just something to make people laugh, really," says digital designer Rebekah Monson, whose work that "actually matters" can be found at

"I was seeing a lot of friends complaining about noise and traffic and other issues on social media, so I threw the site up.

"It's not really anything original. These kinds of sites exist all over the web. Like And there used to be similar sites for Gmail and Twitter, etc."

But is she annoyed about all this non-stop Ultra crap?

"Yeah. I am conflicted about it. Ultra has been an important event for Miami for quite a while. I have friends who go every year. And Miami is a tourist-driven economy and these events bring in a lot of business. But sometimes, it seems like these massive events like Ultra or Basel disregard the needs of locals who live and work here.

"It can be a love-hate relationship."

Though Monson doesn't live near the Ultra Music Festival grounds at Bayfront Park, she says, "I have a lot of friends who live downtown.

"One actually used an app to measure the sound levels because she was wearing earplugs to walk around her neighborhood. It was right around 90 decibels. That's obviously an unscientific tool, but I think that's pretty loud."

Well, only a few more hours.

Uhntz, uhntz, uhntz, uhntz, uhntz.

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Dawn Pedersen
Dawn Pedersen

Ultra is the worst. If you need Molly and neon tutus to have a good time then you officially have no life and should go back to first grade.

Diego Amador
Diego Amador

If that you can call music. Then yeah .. Enjoy yout crab!

Joseph Mazon
Joseph Mazon

Let them PARTY ON!, this is what Miami is all about. The rest of the comments? Just noise? the rest of the opinions? I have earplugs. The Mayor's stance? Political posturing. The NEW TIMES coverage? We appreciate the forum, and your advocacy of First Amendment rights of self expression , your editorial stance? You're getting wayyyy too close to being the Miami Herald....come back to the DARK SIDE guys! :)

Jeff Rab
Jeff Rab

Isn't Ultra better than Urban Weekend?

Daniel Salazar
Daniel Salazar

You guys are fucking haters man. You had your music now why can't you let us have ours? People go to raves not for drugs not for drinking but for the fucking music. It's not all about people dying it's all about feeling the music connect with you and everyone else

Ru Ru H
Ru Ru H

Yeah, when is the Ultra-dork Fest over.

Michael Sarasti
Michael Sarasti

Nice! Rebekah Monson 's tweet quoted in the new times!!!

Fab Plck
Fab Plck

Shelly Ruiz this is all you!

demoroman88 topcommenter

lol, keep telling yourself that buddy.. oh man 

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