Ultra 2014's Ten Sleaziest T-Shirts

Photo by S. Pajot

Whoa! Bro! You got boobs!

For the last couple of years at Ultra Music Festival, male ravers have rocked increasingly explicit, sometimes anatomically correct, and often innuendo-emblazoned tees, resulting in many LOLs and WTFs.

Some are funny. Others are gross. And others still are straight-up creeeeeepy.

We've carefully tracked the trend. We've snapped some pics. And now we present Ultra 2014's ten sleaziest t-shirts.

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Photo by Liz Tracy

Let's hope you can accommodate a lady who isn't intoxicated, pal. 'Cause if not, we are renting a nice six-by-eight-foot room, where you can bide that time you ain't got. Say, three to eight years?

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Marianoell Gomez Arguello
Marianoell Gomez Arguello

LMAO! You have an entire lifetime of adulthood to be serious, live it up, have fun and wear silly shirts while you still can! Fck everybody else!

Cary Gonzalez
Cary Gonzalez

Let's hope he doesn't need a job right away....

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