4/20: How to Celebrate Like a Famous Rapper

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Smoke the sweet leaf like Danny Brown.

4/20 is more than just a holiday. It's a lifestyle, man.

And there's nothing like getting high and throwing on some classic rap records. 'Cause rapping and weed go together like, well, rapping and weed. That's not to say that all rappers smoke the sticky green flower, but those that do love to boast about it in song.

For most of us, unfortunately, life is not a rap track. But if there's one day when everyone deserves to celebrate like a famous rapper, it's 4/20.

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5. "I wake up early in the morning to a fat blunt" - Wiz Khalifa
The first thing on your 4/20 checklist should be to wake and bake. Pretty much all rappers agree that waking and baking is very effective and freaking awesome. (Ask Wiz. Or Kid Cudi, who even has an entire song dedicated to the practice.) Now, just make sure you've got yourself a pre-rolled blunt waiting on the night stand when you rise. That way, you can reach over and spark it without getting out of bed.

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