Afrobeta on Miami Crowds: "Rude as F@#% ... But Nobody Dances Better"

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Two years after the release of their last mixtape, Wig Party, Cuci Amador and Tony Smurphio of Miami indie-dance sensation Afobeta are eager to unleash some new music on the world. But even though they've been recently performing new material at shows, an official EP or full-length release appears unlikely for the time being.

To help put pressure on our favorite electro-pop duo, we here at Crossfade caught up with Cuci and Tony to chat about upcoming projects, the Miami music scene, and the future of Afrobeta.

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Crossfade: The last thing you released was Wig Party in 2012. Do you guys have any new projects in the works?
Tony: We're definitely due for something new. We have a bunch on new songs, we're just trying to figure out how to release them. The strategizing is more Cuci's department.

Cuci: Yeah. I think that it's one of those things where there has to be some kind of a plan. Because, otherwise, you're just putting stuff out and who cares?

Tony: The reality is, honestly, our label is pushing more of an EDM sound. And ehhh, we're trying. But it feels like the stuff we're doing now, the label doesn't really get. They want more of that Avicii sound and we just can't do it, man.

Cuci: The idea is we're spending time figuring out what we really want to put out. We have the music and we play it at our shows, we just haven't been able to put it out there.

Wig Party, unlike your first two releases, was a free mixtape made available online for streaming and downloading. Do you see future projects being released in a similar manner?
Cuci: Yeah, I just think it's more entertaining and it's more exciting for us, because it's really hard to hold on to a piece of music and wait to do the proper release. It's more organic for us to just make a song, play it at our shows, put it out there, and then move on. Next.

Tony: Yeah, the days of the LP are done, I think.

Cuci: But there is a certain level of restraint that is part of the education of the way you should put things out, and part of me wants to understand that and appreciate it. It's hard to see yourself outside of yourself, if that makes any sense. I had someone at the label tell me that I would always think my newest song was my best song, but my older songs are good too. You have to understand that, and listen to advice, and be like, "OK. I get it."

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Alessio Alce

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Claudia Matteini

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James G. Camp

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