Dead Milkmen - Grand Central, Miami

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Dead Milkmen
With Humbert and Sandratz
Grand Central, Miami
Friday, April 11, 2014

While it can be difficult to watch certain punk outfits age (and settle into the awkward complacency that has plagued so many legendary bands in recent years), the brand of punk peddled by Philadelphia's Dead Milkmen -- rendered with snarky, subtle intellect, rather than brute force -- still sounds great after 30 years.

The Milkmen returned from hiatus in 2008 with as close to an original lineup as possible following the tragic loss of bassist Dave "Blood" Schulthise, and have since released new material and even occasionally played live shows.

Right now, the band's in the midst of a spring tour. (Well, if you can call three total dates a tour.) And over the weekend, Miami was fortunate enough to receive the Milkmen at Grand Central. They brought out the punk rock girls and boys for a night of singing and slamming to the classics, as well as some unexpected new jams.

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Hialeah's favorite purveyors of off-kilter sound, Humbert, welcomed the early crowd with a dose of spacey melodic rock.

Complete with two bass players, some deft drumming, and clarinet-blowing, keyboard-mashing frontman Ferny Coipel, Humbert was as fun as ever.

Photo by teajayphoto

Broward County punks Sandratz were next to the stage. They thrashed through the venue with a force that puts them on our short list of local punk bands to watch.

Sandratz's aggressive set tore through the tension of the crowd still settling in, though drummer and South Florida punk rock stalwart Chuck Loose did not return to the self-immolation days of Chickenhead.

Photo by teajayphoto

Finally, Dead Milkmen took the stage, eliciting shouts and screams from a large crowd of punk fans of all ages.

The teens and 20-somethings rubbed shoulders with those that had no doubt seen the Milkmen in the '80s. Meanwhile, the band kicked off a high-energy set with "Beige Sunshine" and the audience, though still assessing the situation, was all smiles.

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Grand Central

697 N. Miami Ave., Miami, FL

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show was awesome, great night out! Sandratz AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! Have to see these guys!

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