Giorgio Moroder on DJing, Daft Punk, Retirement: "Playing Golf Is Great but Boring"

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Giorgio Moroder.

"Hello, my name is Giovanni Giorgio. But you can call me Giorgio," he says before kicking off his hour-and-a-half set on the rooftop of the Gale Hotel on South Beach.

Reality is, the man needs no introduction. He's Giorgio Moroder, one of the 20th century's most influential record producers. He's worked with everyone from Donna Summer to Debbie Harry to David Bowie. However, the works that may have most firmly secured his spot in the pantheon of American pop culture are his compositions for films. Whether it be "What a Feeling" from Flashdance or "Chase" from Midnight Express or "Take My Breath Away" from Top Gun, you've encountered Moroder's work.

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However, since the early '90s, it seemed Moroder may have quietly retired, scaling back on the amount of music he was producing and composing. That's until Daft Punk came calling, asking Moroder to appear on their album Random Access Memories for the track "Giorgio by Moroder."

The cut is essentially an ode to Moroder, allowing him to explain, in his own words, the influence he's had on dance music. It doesn't feature the slick hooks of "Get Lucky," but once Moroder finishes his talk about the "syn-tha-sizer," the robots break down the song beautifully.

Needless to say, since his Daft Punk collaboration, Moroder admits his popularity is rising once again.

"It's not that people recognize my face, but my name people are slowly starting to recognize," Moroder tells Crossfade a few hours before his set at the Gale.

"It certainly was one of the things that happened, that song with Daft Punk. I started a little earlier than that, DJing for Red Bull. I think the DJing would have happened even without Daft Punk, but the record gave me a big boost."

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Ken Argüelles
Ken Argüelles

Best party of the conference, kudos for the coverage MNT!

Mark Simpson
Mark Simpson

thanks for talking over the whole track.

Sean Huertas
Sean Huertas

He made songs for the movies of midnight and express and scarface and those are some badass flicks

Bianca Cruz
Bianca Cruz

Eddy Ramirez Martha Morgan now we can put a face to the voice!

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