Goblin on Scoring Horror Movies: "You Have to Be Scared to Scare Other People"

Goblin members Massimo Morante (right) and Maurizio Guarini.

Goblin are out for blood. They're gonna gut you, and string your entrails from the rafters.

Guts will explode, heads will crack, leg bones will snap under the weight of their monstrous sound.

They started in Italy in 1975, scored some of the scariest horror movies of all time, and have never been to Miami ... Till now.

Here's what keyboardist Maurizio Guarini had to say about death, film, and zombies.

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Crossfade: Favorite American horror film?
Maurizio Guarini: That's a question that's really complicated. It depends on the moment. Alien was scary. Exorcist was scary. I saw that one in Italy about 40 years ago. I think it has to do with influences on the brain, whatever we see, hear, the fear is not specifically from the movie, but what happens when we experience watching it.

What are you scared of?
My age. I don't know. I don't think we know what we're scared of. It's whatever we don't expect.

How do use music to manufacture fear?
I think, in order to drive the emotions of the audience, you have to force yourself to get the same fear you want the audience to have. You force yourself. In scoring, the exact frame or second where you put a sound is going to change the evolution of the emotion of the audience. You have to be scared in order to scare other people.

If you could be killed in a movie, how and why?
If I had to choose to get killed in a movie, it would be crashing to the ground from the top of a high building. That would be a bad way to get killed. I've been scared of the height of the high-rise buildings.

How do you feel about the rise of zombie culture?
Just the right place, the right time, and now I'm part of this sort of history, and playing in a band made that happen. I didn't search for it. I feel glad to create something with my sound that, after 40 years, people still appreciate. I didn't participate in the first Dawn of the Dead soundtrack, though. I wasn't in Goblin at that time. But it's just a scary movie that by some magic pushes this fear of the living dead. Through the art of music and movies you can create this kind of magic.

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