Juanes on the Power of Music: "It Opens Hearts, a Language Everyone Understands"

See Juanes Loco De Amor at the Billboard Latin Music Awards.

As a two-time Grammy-winning artist and ganador of 20 Latin Grammy Awards, Colombian rockero Juanes knows a thing or two about the music biz.

That's why he was the talk of the Billboard Latin Music Conference's Digital Superstar Q&A session this week, and why he's headlining tomorrow's Billboard Latin Music Awards.

"What gives me the most joy is the opportunity to sing live," el cantante humbly says. "And, as you know, in Latin TV, there's not a lot of room for live broadcasts. For me, this opportunity, playing live at the Billboard awards is very special. It's like my dream."

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While Juanes isn't nominated for any premios at the Billboard Latin Awards this year, his latest album, Loco De Amor, was released earlier this year and has already been named one of the Ten Best Albums of 2014 (so far) by People.

"I think it's the start of a new path in my career," Juanes admits. "This album is, in terms of songs and lyrics, more mature."

Maybe the fact that it was produced by the Grammy Award-winning Steve Lillywhite, who's worked with U2, the Rolling Stones, and Morrissey, has something to do with it.

"I think it was a great opportunity working with Lillywhite because he pushed me to the limit. It's an album that's international, but also Latino. I don't know why people connect to music. It's strange. But I can say we've put a lot of love and dedication into the album."

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