Miami Record Store Days, "a Tribute to the Whole Era," From 1975 to 2000

Courtesy of Bloodshot Records
Relive it all with Charlie Pickett.

Like the polar ice caps, the rainforests, and the Yangtze finless porpoise, the record store remains in peril. However, there is hope.

Over the last seven years, Record Store Day has become an increasingly visible global phenomenon, encouraging fans, artists, and proprietors to unite and breathe life into this once-thriving cultural entity.

For 2014, Grand Central will be joining the festivities in an unofficial capacity with Miami Record Store Days: 1975-2000, a live concert, record sale, and photo expo.

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Expect legendary local rocker Charlie Pickett and the eclectic sounds of Jim Camacho, formerly of The Goods -- not to mention Nuclear Valdez and Forget the Name, a pair of seminal Miami bands reuniting specifically for this event.

Co-organizer and music business veteran, Alex Jimenez, notes the irony of nostalgically celebrating quality music and the record-buying experience, just as shops are dwindling in number. "We're having a record store day when there's only a handful of record stores left in the country, much less South Florida."

For his part, Jimenez not only wants to pay tribute to the shops that remain. He also wants to recognize the long-lost ones that once populated the area, as well as the people who worked in them.

"I used to work at Peaches, it was real laid-back record store in South Miami," he says. "A colleague who worked at the head office about seven years ago was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, so I wanted to get the old Peaches gang back together and see if we can do something for the benefit of those dealing with Parkinson's disease. But then I thought, Well, why not do something with the old Peaches gang and make it a tribute to the whole era."

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