Mobb Deep's Prodigy: "We've Seen Rappers Get Murdered, Locked Up ... We Still Here"

But Prodigy admits he couldn't have seen it all coming.

"We didn't know we were making something that would last so long," he says, reflecting on The Infamous's success and longevity. "We definitely knew we made something that was important to us. It was dope music to us and our friends, but we didn't know it was going to impact the world like that."

In the end, it's that level of honesty to oneself as an artist, Prodigy believes, that leads to classic records.

"When I make music, I make music for me," he insists. "It comes from the heart and from the soul and from my life. It's the kind of music that I want to hear as a fan. When I put it out there, if other people can relate to me, and the things that I like, then they will enjoy it too. That's how we make the albums.

"We really don't try to cater to what people want. We make what we want, and if people like us, if they can relate to us and know they share the same taste in music, they'll fuck with Mobb Deep. That's how it's been from day one, and that's how we just keep it going."

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Brian Hughes
Brian Hughes

it's definitely not his grammar that keeps him here

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