Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, Subject of Historic Dylan Song, Dead at 76

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He became a fighter for justice.

Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, whose wrongful conviction in a New Jersey murder became the subject of a Denzel Washington film and a Bob Dylan song, has died at his home in Toronto.

Carter grew up in Passaic, New Jersey. He was an Army boxing champion and later won more than 50 bouts, most by knockout. But he was imprisoned in a triple murder, spent years in detention, escaped, and was imprisoned again. His conviction was overturned twice, and he was finally freed in 1985.

Bob Dylan wrote one of his finest songs about Carter.

And this Denzel Washington film was immensely popular.

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Thomas Chamberlain
Thomas Chamberlain

there 'goes' the story of the hurricane. hope others in his similar circumstances find justice with more haste than the past has proven to give.

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