Miami's Space Tapes Record Label Launches: "We Want Different, Cool, Creative"


Miami's newest record label, Space Tapes, is set to launch.

Founded by three of the creative minds -- David Sinopoli, Jason Odio, and N.E.R.D.'s Shay Haley -- behind many of the Miami music scene's most interesting recent goings-on, Space Tapes seeks to help build a better infrastructure for the 305's emerging artists.

"It's crazy how much talent is coming out of Miami right now," Odio notes. "There's really no platform in the city that embraces that talent."

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Sinopoli and Odio, who are also artist managers for Austin Paul, have been working alongside Haley to put together the groundwork behind Space Tapes for close to a year now.

During the process of releasing Paul's last two EPs, Revival and Disparia, they realized that their strengths as a management team would also be an ideal match for the marketing needs of a new record label.

"When we were managing Austin Paul, because the music industry is weird these days, where no one really knows what the business model is, we realized that we were more a record label than we were managers," Sinopoli says.

Their goal is to help direct public attention, both nationally and globally, toward some of the local music talent that they've been supporting in Miami. However, Sinopoli assures that Space Tapes will operate independently of Bardot, where he is the booking agent, and III Points Festival, for which he serves as music director, and will aim to nurture a niche sound that the team feels is cutting-edge right now.

"We have about two or three producers that we're working with who have their own sounds that we felt really coordinated with this type of music that we're into right now," Sinopoli adds. "It's hip-hop-oriented electronic music, very cosmic. It's definitely better for when you're smoking weed, that downtempo Giraffage and XXYYXX type of shit."

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is the author trying to make these dudes sound like semi-idiots?


@lefadebabeLike this quote "It's definitely better for when you're smoking weed, that downtempo Giraffage and XXYYXX type of shit." lol 

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