Telekinetic Walrus: "It Can't Be All About LIV and Mansion, There's a Local Music Scene Too"

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In a galaxy not so far away, Telekinetic Walrus and the Pride of Ions is captivating audiences with a fusion of electronic booty-bouncing hip-hop and fantastic folk.

After a two-year hiatus spent recording music and building the Walrus Cave, this team of intergalactic superheroes returned to the Miami music scene in December 2013 with the release of its fourth musical installment, The Believers of The Flying Squirrel.

Now Telekinetic Walrus is back with another new record, The Instrumental Adventures of Faun 5000, King of Faunzellia. So we here at Crossfade took a trip to the Cave for a conversation about the band's hiatus, blueberry pancakes and Miami's ever-expanding music scene.

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Crossfade: What's the story behind The Instrumental Adventures of Faun 5000, King of Faunzellia?
The Time- Zoo Keeper: It's all about Faun 5000, obviously. It's basically a saxophone journey through the introduction of Faun 5000 and his home planet to the story of Telekinetic Walrus.

Faun 5000: I'm relatively new to the group.

The Time-Zoo Keeper: Yeah. The last album ends with the introduction of the Flying Squirrel who is now leading the heroes from across the universe. They crash-land on Faunzellia and they're taken to the king, Faun 5000, in the capital city. The Faunzellians are known for their wisdom, their quick wit, and their blueberry pancake-making skills, but the king's power is that his saxophone is so soothing that when you hear it, you're under his mind control. The Flying Squirrel is able to use his telepathy to reason with Faun 5000, who ends up joining the team. Now the team is ready to take on the main antagonist which will be revealed in the next EP.

Faun 5000: I joined the band like seven or eight months ago after I moved back to Miami from New Orleans. I started coming through the Cave, started making music. And next thing you know, I'm dressing up on the stage and misspelling my own name.

Y Diz: This is also the first Telekinetic Walrus album to be instrumental. Except for the introduction, which tells the story, like we do on all our albums. The rest is completely instrumental.

How many lineup changes has the band been through?
The Time Zoo-Keeper: There was one major lineup change.

Y Diz: Originally, there were three of us. It was myself, the Time-Zoo Keeper and Parker, who wasn't living here at the time but was already doing artwork for us. Then we added a few other members and that was our lineup for a while until two members quit around the same time. That's when we went on hiatus.

Corinne: These three are really the core of the band.

Y Diz: But Corinne was on the first album too. She wasn't performing with us yet, but from the very beginning she was already collaborating with us and featured on the content. Corinne eventually ended up moving down here, and during our hiatus we were building the Cave, setting up the studio and that's when Komakozie started coming through and making music. And then Faun was coming through, we had all these different things going on. We decided to bring them all together and make it a show. We played for the first time together as Telekinetic Walrus during Art Basel.

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