The Sounds' Maja Ivarsson: "You Never Really Grow Up, Being in a Band"


Winning over American crowds can sometimes be tough for foreign rock bands.

But Swedish group The Sounds has always enjoyed an easy, reciprocal relationship with U.S. fans.

"In Sweden, we have a little bit of a different crowd," lead singer Maja Ivarsson explains. "Over here in America, though, we've also had such a loyal and great fanbase for such a long time. We love America."

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Last fall, with the release of Weekend, their fifth studio album, Ivarsson and The Sounds delivered yet another in a decade-and-a-half-long string of records that have consistently pleased American admirers.

"We did a lot more preproduction on this album, where we actually started to rehearse the songs before we recorded them, which is something you basically only really do for your first album," the singer says.

"But we really never sat down to discuss it and say to ourselves, 'What is this going to sound like?' We just started writing sounds and realized it was starting to go in this direction or another direction."

The 11-track release is quite dance friendly, though it still broods, veering from energizing drum dynamics to folky guitar plucks and emotionally charged lyrics. In many ways, it sounds like the work of a New Wave pop band that's finally achieved absolute sonic maturity and a stable group dynamic after 16 years together.

"We don't really analyze ourselves like that, but I guess we've been a band for a really long time and there's a reason to why we are still together," Ivarsson says.

"Over the years, we've kind of learned how to respect each other a little bit more, but then I think that comes with age as well. Of course, there's always arguments and stuff, otherwise it would be really unhealthy. But then again, it's never been an issue for us."

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Danny Lopez

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The Lana Del Rey tickets haven't been given away. And yeah, comment as much as you'd like.

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Nikki Lindblom

have you guys chosen the winner for the lana del rey tickets? and can you comment more than once and still be eligible?

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