50 Things You See at Ultra Music Festival

Photo by George Martinez
50. Girl-friendly PDA. (That's for the "L" in PLUR.)

If you've got ears, Ultra Music Festival is a pretty fun time.

But if you've also got eyes, it's amaaaaaaaaazing.

Basically, this sprawling EDM fest is a phantasmagoric fun parade starring famous people, nearly naked ladies, the beefiest of beefcakes, the kandiest of ravers, and the most ridiculously costumed of party people -- all spazzing out to uhntz-uhntz amid an LED landscape that's exploding with fireworks, lasers, pyro, kryo, and confetti.

Look, gawk, or leer... Here are 50 things you see at Ultra Music Festival.

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Photo by George Martinez

49. A Guy With a Vagina in the Middle of His Chest
Accompanied by a female friend with a deep interest in this curious phenomenon.

Photo by George Martinez

48. A Riff Raff Head on Lady Legs
Anyone else have recurring sweaty nightmares about exactly this thing?

Photo by George Martinez

47. Bad Girls With Marijuana Boobs and "Fuck Me" Eyes
Congrats on some impressive glitter and rhinestone work. Ditto on the handpainted sunglasses.

Photo by George Martinez

46. A Young Lady "Expressing Herself" Atop Her Boyfriends' Shoulders
But, uh, which way is he facing?

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